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Benefits Education, Enrollment and Administration – this is the foundation upon which Insurance Consulting Services is built. We are dedicated to enhancing the benefits knowledge and enrollment experience of the nation’s workforce. FOR OVER 30 YEARS our unique education, enrollment, and administration solutions have successfully helped employees understand, select, and enroll in their benefit plans.

Learn more about the services we provide, and come to know the success our clients have enjoyed throughout the years. The results are nothing short of extraordinary.




Your Link Between Your HR Department
and Your Employees

At Insurance Consulting Services, we believe your benefits should drive your business forward. When designed and managed properly, a strong benefit program is your most important asset to successfully recruiting and retaining top talent.

Our strategic approach aligns your business goals with your benefits needs. That means you will receive valuable advice and proven results that work for your business. From top-notch program design to streamlined benefit administration to first-rate executive benefits to a broad offering of voluntary benefits, Insurance Consulting Services has the industry’s leading talent, services and resources available to support your business.

Insurance Consulting Services provides extensive consulting and benefits management services. No matter what the industry, our benefits experts have the knowledge and experience to implement best-practices and best-fit programs.

Video Production Services

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We can also provide customized video production services.

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